Wednesday, 28 October 2015

3 Reasons You May Need To Be Fingerprinted

Being arrested isn’t the only thing that will get you fingerprinted. There are legitimate reasons for you to be fingerprinted that don’t come with a mug shot.

1. You Want to Teach English

There’s a great demand for people to teach English outside of the US. You’ve decided to fulfill your dream of living abroad by applying to become an English language instructor. As part of your application process, you may have to submit fingerprints.

2. You Want to Adopt Outside the US

Adopting any child requires a thorough vetting of potential parents. Vetting requirements can be even more stringent for parents looking to adopt outside of the US. As part of your adoption application, you may have to be fingerprinted.

3. You Are Getting a New Job

You’ve made it through a round or two of interviews for a job with a bank, investment firm or other company that handles sensitive information. You’re a strong candidate and the company is interested enough to start the next level of the hiring process: the background check. As part of this check, you may be fingerprinted so the company can confirm your identity.

You don’t have to have a run-in with the law to be fingerprinted. There are positive reasons to have your prints taken, too. Visit this website for information on live scan service in La Mesa.