Monday, 23 November 2015

Identity Verification

Fingerprints are one of the oldest, tried and true methods of identification. Used as proof of identity on legal documents since 1858, matching ridges and whorls through close examination has helped catch and convict criminals for well over 100 years.

3 Benefits Of Mobile Finger Printing

With many agencies and organizations being required, or simply choosing, to do fingerprint background checks and maintain fingerprint data on employees, more employers are taking advantage of the convenience of mobile finger printing services.

1. Convenient

When you find yourself needing to get the fingerprints of multiple applicants or existing employees, it makes sense to have it done all at once. A mobile fingerprinting unit will come to your location and complete the process in a single day.

2. Cost Effective

Hiring a mobile unit to fingerprint multiple persons saves both time and money. Most services charge a flat rate to fingerprint groups of a certain number, and your records are almost instantly updated which means less work on the part of your organization.

3. Clientele

Mobile units provide services to a variety of groups such as:

• Classes of registered nursing students, certified nurse’s aide students, pharmacy technician students and students in other healthcare fields.
• Volunteers for churches, schools, nursing homes and sports leagues
• Police academies, security companies and emergency medical services employees

Whether you have a class of new students, a pool of new teachers or need to update existing employee information, take a moment to visit this website to learn more about mobile fingerprinting scans in La Mesa.